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This November 11th. 2018 marks 100th. Anniversary of Poland regaining Independence. Poland, country with over 1000 years of history of Statehood had been restored at the Treaty of Versaille in 1918 after 123 years of non-existance.

Poland has had a very long and noble history. It was the first country that entered into Union in the form of Commonwealth of Crown of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania encompassing land the size of Texas and California combined. This Union called "Res Publica Serenissima", Republic of two Nations that lasted for over 220 years. This noble democracy was known for electing its own kings, a unique political process in Europe of XVI-XVII. This Republic was home to many religions, nationalities, cultures and races who lived peacefully within its borders. Poland had strong laws protecting religious and cultural freedoms. Poland has also passed the First Constitution in Europe (second only to the U.S.) on May 3rd. 1791. This Constitution contained ideas like equality of merchants with nobility and legal protection of peasants protecting from abuses of serfdom. The fear of democratic changes caused invasion of Poland by its neighbors: Kingdom of Prussia, Imperial Russia and Austria. After last partition in 1795, Poland has been annexed. Despite three bloody uprisings, it was because of help of American citizens and President Woodrow Wilson who in point XIII of his Fourteen Points declared: " An independent Polish state should be erected which should include the territories inhabited by indisputably Polish populations, which should be assured a free and secure access to the sea, and whose political and economic independence and territorial integrity should be guaranteed by international covenant".

Today, Poland is one of the largest top 25 economies in the world with strong democratic institutions and vibrant technology sector.

​Because of generosity of Anonymous donor concert is FREE to public. Please reserve your seat as soon as you can!
Concert is supported by "Chopin Council of VA", PO Box 26, Somerset, VA 22972 . This year's donations will benefit an Orphanage (Dom Dziecka) in Bialystok, Poland. (Placowka Opiekunczo-Wychowawcza im. Dr. Ireny Bialowny). Donation checks should be written to "Chopin Foundation of the US",  Virginia Council. All the money will be sent to Polish Embassy in Washington, DC with a request to present it to Mr. Wojciech J. Kucerow- director of orphanage. Thank you for your generosity!